Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Dear Ella,

Why do we do insane things in life????

Tonight Sophie wanted to watch Brain Doctors on BBC2 - didn't think anything of it and then - before I knew it was transported back to the many times I went with you to the operating theatres in the Oxford hospitals and then spent hours with you in the recovery rooms afterwards.  I could actually smell the smells, hear the noises and almost feel we were back there.  Ghastly at the time - but marginally better than now!

Brain Doctors was actually about a lovely neuro surgeon working with children in the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford - so a bit different to your situation - but remarkably similar.

Could not stop watching it!

Lots of love


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  1. Sounds like something I will catch up with on iplayer! Not that I don't see enough every day.. Haha. xxx