Sunday, 17 February 2013


Dear Ella

A thought came into my head last week as I was as ever "walking".

I must have been walking to work - because I looked at all the other people walking and commuting to work in their work clothes and thought "we have all got our work armour on".  Suited and booted in what ever style is appropriate - we were all dressed for work and walking determinedly forward to face our days.

I guess you can say the same for what ever we are doing or event we are going to - from the expression on our faces, to what we are wearing -  its a type of "armour" that we present to the world and protects our core.  Something to hide behind and/or proudly present and show off.

No armour required this morning - just PJ's, a cup of tea, Brian and a very peaceful kitchen.

Lots of love


1 comment:

  1. What a good way to describe it! It is like that, I guess that to a certain extent, it's almost a measure of how comfortable you feel with someone as to how much of your armour you take off.

    Lots of love!