Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Buns of steel - not quite yet

Dear Ella,

Have been working steadily through my "to do"lists which I wrote in early January.  One was called "stuff to do - dull" the other was "stuff to do - nice".  I am pleased to report that things are getting ticked off both lists.

A big tick this evening - but still work in progress.  I have been going to physiotherapy sessions every Tuesday since early Jan to get my aching, broken body mended so that I can run this dam 10k in May and not  have to ask for a mobility scooter for my 53 birthday!  The diagnosis was amusing - "weak bottom muscles",  in other words - my gluteus maximus muscles were in retirement, not in use and were lounging around like jelly on a plate!  

Week by week I have followed the plan and done the daily exercises.   Brian and Fizz look on as my bemused audience while I squeeze and stretch on the living room floor every evening.   Exciting news  at todays session - apparently "my glutes are back in the room and working" - still work to do before I arrive at "buns of steel status", but I was allowed to run briefly and if there had been chart, think I would have been given a gold star.

Nice one Jo - feel quite proud that I have got this far and bizarrely these exercises have become part of my daily rhythm - and are therefore part of my Getting Better therapy, both physically and mentally.

Anyway, must sign off - time to get down and get squeezing - the things we do!

Lots of love



  1. Keep up the good work Jo! It's more training than I have been doing.. :S You're sure to be sprinting past us all in May! xxx

  2. Well done Jo. Do we get to see a picture of the buns of steel at some point?! Keep up the good work. Love GAJ xxxx

  3. Hi Jo, sympathise with the glutes issue. I was told this morning that my strained back was due to having 'no bum'. Apparently what I have got resembles blancmange - do we see the same guy?
    Squeezing as I type.