Monday, 25 February 2013

You can rely on Amy Clutterbuck

Dear Ella,

That Clutterbuck girl continues to send inspirational and amusing e mails that just make me smile when I open them.  This picture really made me smile :)

Here is one of my absolute favourite pictures ever ever: ella's titled it 'We couldn't have been happier in this photo', and that is so so true, taken after epic 2 hour green day gig at Rock Wurchter summer 2010, having listened to them in bikinis and dancing to every song, having the best time possible - then enjoying and cooling down with a  mojito :)

Lots of love Mum


  1. A nice photo indeed, love U Bob

  2. What a great photo that draws a great memory! It also makes the loss feel even greater than it is xx

  3. I LOVE this picture, thanks for sharing Amy (and Jo!). GAJ xxxx