Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Laugh till I cried

Dear Ella,

Something happened on Sunday - which felt good, but also felt wrong.

I was out with Grandad and U Bob - grave hunting for old Tarzey ancestors of all things.  Anyway, U Bob was off in the undergrowth like some intrepid explorer and I was left in charge of Grandad on the path awaiting further instructions - from the undergrowth.

"How was your week Dad?" - and that opened up the opportunity for a series of Grandad like stories - one of which made me laugh out loud till tears were rolling down my cheeks.  You know how funny he  can make a story without even realising he's doing it.   In fact it was so funny I was still smiling about it yesterday.    Anyway, it felt great to laugh so much, but then I suddenly remembered you weren't here to recount the story to - and it felt wrong to be laughing and having a good time.

So in my standard fashion, I mentally checked in with you to get your advice - and "permission granted to laugh" was given.

Will try to laugh more - I promise

Lots of love




  1. Ella...... Honest it was really funny and I was not even there..... Your mum was laughing/crying when she told us all 6 hrs later!

  2. Yes, Dad's story was funny; laughing is a real tonic, but the real tonic for me on Sunday was to hear Jo laughing in the distance (about I knew not what at the time). The expedition was a success, at Arnos Vale we found the graves of Dad's G-Grandfather (born 1826, died 1919) and his GG-Grandfather (born 1795, died 1861 and, as we have found out, a bit of a scoundrel!)

  3. Laughing is such a great release Jo - the best laughter is that which creeps up on you when you least expect it - am sure that it must have made your dad happy that his stories brought that side of you out. xx