Saturday, 26 January 2013

Signed off!

Dear Ella

Just signed off the words for your "stone".

Its taken a bit of deciding and pondering, but think they are right.

I imagined helping to choose universities, life choices,  wedding dresses......... when I became a Mum - but never having to choose something like this.

But there we are done now - hopefully they will be with you within the next few weeks and then it will be very clear for everyone where you are.

Another weekend in front of us - nice but poignant.

Lots of love




  1. I'm sure you will have got it just right Jo, you have a wonderful way with words even when faced with such difficult tasks. Ella would be so proud of her mum , Jane xxxx

  2. Indeed, I am sure the words are just right, nevertheless, it is usually harder to write something short than something long, so well done, love Rob

  3. There are so many words that could have been said. I am sure you chose the right ones Jo. And I hope to visit soon xxx