Saturday, 5 January 2013

Saturday Morning

Dear Ella

Hi lovely, well its around 10am Saturday morning - I am at the kitchen counter, laptop up and running, cup of coffee on the go and Brian jumping around trying to join in.

I loved our Saturday mornings together - you would come down about now in your PJ's and dressing gown "morning",  "morning, love, cup of tea?"  "please" - and then we would settle in to a peaceful rhythm of reading the Saturday Guardian, drinking tea and coffee, eating toast/bacon sandwiches. bagels or what ever your current breakfast favourite was.  James Martin - Saturday Morning Kitchen on the TV - sunlight (if we were lucky) filtering through the skylight and just a gentle sense of contentment and well being.

Of course this was not how it should have been - if all had been well you would have been off in the big wide world creating your own Saturday morning rhythms with lots of other people.  But your illness had taught us to enjoy everyday things - and the fact that you were at home on a Saturday morning and not in hospital and able to take pleasure in simple things was somehow enough.

Lots of love




  1. The simple things are often the best things in life - the sayings "live every day as if it was your last" or "life is not a dress rehersal" come to me regulary now and I keep asking myself whether I now enjoy each day more (including mondays !) Since Ella left us - the answer is a big "yes" - sad maybe, but thanks for the legacy and life lesson Ella - see you soon. Xx

  2. Saturday mornings are the best bit of the week in my view(all to look forward to with sat afternoons and evenings on the way and Mondays ages away)....... And as Andy says even Mondays aren't that bad since Ella left us..... One of her many legacies! Jim x

  3. Wish it was last Saturday morning again and we were there with you! Has it stopped raining in England yet?!! Love you - GAJ xxx