Monday, 7 January 2013

Nothing really

Dear Ella,

Nothing really.....and of course that's what day to day living and life is all about, no "wow guess what happened", life shattering events or otherwise to report  - just another day.

Still a week of getting on with things - so arranging a meeting with the Teenage Cancer Trust re fund raising, a trip to a physio (at last) to try and sort out my broken body so that I can run again, major hair surgery on Thursday night and so on.

So hope you are pleased that I am not moping around too much - equally taking a steady and measured approach - don't want go off the deep end and all that.

Lots of love

PS - also trying hard not to irritate Sophie too much...........................easier said than done!

PPS - you will be pleased to hear am still taking the "pills" - to prevent mood swing/irritable horrible female midlife syndrome setting in..... seem to be working, so hope you are pleased!


  1. I went to Edmonton All Saint's Church in North London and touched the font where Ella's GGG Grandfather (Tarzey) was baptised in 1826. So, something happened today! I also had a search around for the grave of Ella's GGGGG Grandfather and Grandmother, who were buried in the cemetery there, but could not find anything.

  2. Well - I'm pleased Jo - and I'm sure your body is too! My little friend Janet (who you met when you did miniatures with me back in heaven knows when!!) went to Woodlands a couple of weeks before Ella, so I hope they make friends. Not much in common, except for me, but both had such courage and were lovely people. xx Aza

  3. Keep taking the pills, they're sanity savers.
    Christine x

  4. Dear Jo

    Rob has got some images of T'shirts he wants to show you they look good sure you will be pleased.
    Lots of love
    Jayne xx