Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Walking, walking, walking

Dear Ella,

I must have walked miles and miles since November 21 - its good therapy, one foot in front of the other moving forward and breathing.

Sometimes my head is busy and skitters all over the place from you, to work, to Sophie, to the weekend, to friends, to family, to what to cook for dinner, to how cold/warm/wet it is, to is my leg hurting or not and a million and one other random thoughts in no organised pattern at all

 Other times it's empty and I arrive at my destination and if I was asked - would not be able to say what thoughts had passed through my head.

My most frequent walk is home to work and back again - there are many "Ella markers" all the way there and back:

Los Iguanas - one of your favourite restaurants
Bristol Guild where you used to work
BS8 and Motel - from time to time you loved the clothes in these shops
Bristol School of Art at the RWA - where you studied Foundation Art
Nandos - just how much chicken did you eat there?
Gaol Ferry Bridge - you loved a good bridge
Jamies - great for a special occasion - do you remember my birthday dinner - June 2011

..and then the turn into Allington Rd on the way home, and that "ah - nearly home" feeling - you loved coming home - shoes off, bag dumped, coat abandoned - cup of tea - home!

Sometimes I listen to hear you coming through the door...

Lots of love


  1. Ah Jo, you need a pedometer to check your progress! For me an average of 17K paces per day so far this year. Lots of time to think, often about Ella, and of course family and friends. But, also a great time to think through and sort out work issues (lots on at the moment, I am glad to say), love Rob

  2. There are so many ''Ella markers''. I love how some of them have travelled up here with me - like restaurants, cocktails, songs and photos - to make sure I am always reminded of the good times :) lots of love xxx