Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Dear Ella,

Well my love, I am still watching "Pointless" on the TV - old habits die hard!

I leave work late afternoon to come home and knock around the house so that I can irritate Sophie.  I flick the telly on and there are Alexander and Richard still chuntering on trying to get us all to give pointless answers.   It makes me think of all the days in and out of hospital where we would rely on the these two boys to get us through the 5.15 to 6pm slot.

Even on your very last day with us - 20 November, I made everyone who was in the house come and sit in your room and watch Pointless.  You were totally out of it - due to all the medication and as we now know slowly preparing for your final departure.   At some level I really hope you knew we were all there and could hear Alexander and Richard bantering away.

Anyway, in my bleaker moments, I sometimes think that ironically "Pointless" is how life feels without you - but then I give myself a good talking to and try to think of "Pointless" as simply a game show that we enjoyed watching together.

On the subject of TV - The final episodes of Homeland were fantastic, but missed having you next to me to ooh and ah.  Also big, big confession  - tonight StarGazing, series 3 with - Brain Cox and Dara O'Brian has been usurped for BBC4 and a chemistry program on the elements - blame Sophie the Chemist!

Lots of love

Brian and Dara

Alexander and Richard!


  1. I watched StarGazing Live for Ella tonight :) although I probably didn't understand any of it as well as Ella would have. And I probably wouldn't understand Sophie's program by the sounds of it either! So maybe I'll start watching Pointless, it sounds like my kind of programme. And glad to hear you are still enjoying it Jo. xxx

  2. Watching pointless with Ella has been one of my favourite things this year, glad to know now that she didn't just do it to humour me Jo! xxx

    1. Or last year I meant - keep forgetting it's 2013 now!

  3. Also watched Stargazing tonight and then went on to balcony to see if I could see all that I was told I should be able to see over the skies of South London.....was a bit too cloudy. Could not help thinking of Ella and wondered if Sis would blog this tonight.... How funny! Also watching Homeland but bought the whole of Box Set 1 and watching that in moments of luxury at home(to play catch up), and will then jump back to half way through Series 2(will have to buy another box set!). Ella was the one who got me into Homeland, and its great, but does not quite match Jack Bauer in 24! (In my view).... Jim

  4. Both good programs; Star Gazing and the thing on elements (which sounds like a repeat). Was it on BBC4 or another channel? I can not see it listed, love U Bob