Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The fab four

Dear Ella,

Recent letters have been a bit me, me, me - very needy and self indulgent.  So thought this evening I would lend you a little update about the wonderful girls.

Annie - lovely visit yesterday from Annie and Kate.  Annie over the moon that she no longer seems to be allergic to cats and Brian was not in biting mode the whole time she was here, although she did have to separate a Brian/Fizz scuffle once or twice.  I always feel very peaceful and calm sitting next to Annie - so hope that's how she feels inside.  I did not make her drink spinach juice - but we laughed about our juicing escapades last summer.  Kate and Annie both very excited about Sophie's offer from Cardiff Uni.  A sneaky glass of red with Kate to celebrate it being Monday night - and well just being with great friends.

Georgina - how lucky am I - remember those lovely long letters she used to write to you - well I get them now.  Can't tell you how great it is to come in from work and see the familiar writing on the envelope and settle down for a good read.   Actually she starts of with "Dear Jo" I get a paragraph or two - then its "Dear Ella" and the download comes - but she says its OK for me to read.  Tough times on her recent placement - more of that another night - but I am in awe of how she has coped.

Amy - that Clutterbuck girl sends an e mail out of the blue and it hits the spot just when it's needed - somehow we seem to be in tune at the same time.  Last weekend a foray into contemporary jazz for Amy - not sure you would approve, but I am looking forward to hearing how it went.

Maisy - lots of Maisy therapy as you called it once on your blog.  She's only just headed back to Sheffield - so we have had several visits, and Maisy being Maisy makes us unpack how we are feeling and get it all out on the table - and it works!

In February its the big 21 birthday celebrations for Maisy - so everyone will be back in Bristol and it will be so good to gather and meet in various shapes and forms to celebrate and of course smile and talk about you.   What a shame you are missing the party - its fancy dress - so am signing off with you dressed as "Turkey" a few summers ago.

Lots of love

Ella, Annie, Laurie and Amy


  1. I always feel calm sat next to you too Jo, and being at no. 45 in general, even with Brian on the warpath and worms everywhere! Can't believe you've dug up that photo though, what an embarrassing group we were! xxx

    1. And just after you left there was another worm and then I went to bed and my leak was back - hey ho! X

  2. Wasn't that photo of the eurovision night when they went to the party dressed up, only to find that nobody else was? K x